Environmentally Efficient

Gas is more environmentally friendly than a lot of people think. In New Zealand a lot of the electricity we generate is through the burning of natural gas. We burn the natural gas to produce steam to drive turbines to generate electricity. Typically, however, only about 33 to 35 percent of the natural gas used to generate the steam is converted into electrical energy. So, when you choose to use a high efficiency gas appliance, such as a gas hob, not only are you saving money, you are saving the planet. For an example see what the Guardian has to say about boiling water: Which is more energy efficient?


Gas Appliances

Mahurangi Plumbing and Gas can install all forms of gas appliances including cookers, hobs, heaters, gas central heating and water heaters for both domestic and commercial applications. For your home heating needs we recommend and install high efficiency gas fires such as the 90% efficient gas fires from Escea which are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. We are the local service agents for all Escea gas appliances in the Rodney area: Orewa, Omaha, Warkworth and through to Wellsford. For efficient, instant heat we also install and maintain the 4.5 star Energysaver heaters from Rinnai. For pay as you need it, instantaneous hot water, ask us about the range of gas hot water units we prefer to install and maintain.


Gas Boosted Solar System

For the ultimate in hot water efficiency and savings, you can't look past a gas boosted solar system. Clearly, using the sun's energy to heat your water is the most environmentally friendly option there is. However, under average climatic conditions in New Zealand a typical solar system will provide around 60% of domestic hot water requirements for the average family. Therefore to prevent you from running out of hot water, your solar system will need boosting from time to time. The best way to get that hot water instantly, and most importantly only you need it, is through a gas boosted system.


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